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Kansas City Microblading Eyebrows

Save time in the morning with Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

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Microblading is a semi-permanent to permanent cosmetic tattoo.

  • A hand held tool is used to create hair like strokes in the epidermis.
  • Requires a follow up detailing session 6-8 weeks after initial session for finished look.
  • Once healed can last 12-24 months depending on skin type, and care.


Get a Free Eyebrow Consultation

At your appointment, we will go over:

  • The consultation form
  • After care procedures
  • Do a pre-draw for your eyebrow shape
  • Color match before starting the microblading service

All aspects of your desired look are discussed with you before the procedure starts.

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Microblading is a Semi-Permanent to Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo for Eyebrows.

During the procedure a hand held tool or machine tool is used to create fine hair like strokes in the epidermis. Microblading requires a follow up detailing session 6-8 weeks after initial session for finished look. Once healed, Microblading can last 1-2 years depending on skin type, and care. Microblading Services take up to 2.5 hours from beginning to end.

*This service is not recommended for everyone.

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More About Microblading

What is microblading?

  • Microblading is semi-permanent to permanent, cosmetic tattoo; it’s a technique that uses micro needles to create hair like strokes in the epidermis. Pigment is implanted into the skin in a hair stroke pattern that resembles real hair when healed. Due to the pigment only going into the epidermis and not the dermis it is considered semi-permanent but there is no guarantee all hair strokes will completely (meaning there is a chance it can be permanent).
  • This technique can be done using a hand tool or machine. (We currently only offer the manual/ hand technique)
  • Alternative names for microblading are eyebrow embroidery, feather stroke brows, microstroking, 3d brows, micropigmentation as well as a few others.
  • Other forms of microblading are ombré brows, and shaded brows.

How long does microblading last?

  • Microblading lasts 12-24 months depending on skin type, lifestyle and pigment quality.
  • Like all tattoos the pigment will fade over time so it is recommended that you come in annually for a touch up.

How many sessions are needed for the procedure to be complete?

  • A minimum of two microblading sessions are needed, the initial and then detailing session. Sometimes a third/fourth session is needed, usually for those with extremely oily skin.

What should I expect at my appointment?

  • At your appointment, we will go over the consultation form, after care procedures, do a pre-draw for your eyebrow shape, and a color match before starting the microblading service. All aspects of your desired look are discussed with you before the procedure starts.

Semi permanent eyebrows healing stages

What is the healing process for microblading?

  • After microblading, your brows take 14 days to heal. During this process there is a list of things you must be aware of. (Listed below in the pre + post care procedures section).
  • Although the healing process is 14 days, the skin cell turn over time is approximately 28 days. That means it take approximately 28 days for you skin to heal itself giving your brows their finished look. (It is normal for brows to seem as if the disappeared and came back).
  • Delicate or sensitive skin may be red after the procedure this is normal, scabbing is also normal.
  • Although numbing is used during the procedure, slight sensitivity or discomfort may still be felt by sensitive clients.

How do I know If I am eligible for microblading?

  • Please let your stylist know if one of these factors is present or have been present: (some factors mean procedure cannot be performed, others require a doctor’s note, or prevent treatment temporarily)

What factors effect microblading?

  • Amount of bleeding during the procedure—The more blood during the procedure the less pigment is being absorbed into the skin.
  • Skin cell regeneration—How quickly your skin heals will affect how long the pigment lasts. The slower the regeneration the longer the pigment will last.
  • Pigment color and absorption—just like hair color, some pigment colors fade faster than others.
  • Exposure to sun—the sun can make your brows fade quicker, so it is best to protect your brows using sunglasses, hats or sunscreen once completely healed.
  • Skin type—oily skin doesn’t heal as well as other skin types. It is more common for strokes to not heal clear but instead with a softer look that resembles a powder brow.

What are the Pre + Post care procedures?

Before to your appointment:

  • Come to appointment with your brows drawn on the way you like to wear them
  • Do not drink any alcohol or coffee the night/morning before your procedure
  • Avoid any medications that may thin your blood
  • NO waxing or threading of the brows less than 3 days before the service
  • NO chemical peels less than 6 weeks before procedure.
  • Electrolysis treatments should be done no less than 5 days before the treatment.

After the procedure:

  • Apply healing bomb as instructed by your technician
  • Keep brows away from water for 14 days (this includes showers, healing balm can act as protective layer but your brow tech will give you more details)
  • Do excessively use healing balm
  • Do not put any makeup on your eyebrows during the 14 day healing process
  • NO swimming, tanning, sauna, or excessive workout/sweating for 14 days
  • Do not pick or peel the scabs that come from your brows, allow them to heal naturally
  • When you shower make sure to avoid getting your eyebrows wet.

Will my brows always look the same way they did right after my appointment?

  • NO, right after your appointment is when your brows will appear the darkest and sharpest. The intensity seen right after the procedure will fade approximately 30%-50% once healed. Some people experience “brow shock” in the beginning but are fine once they get used to their new brows.

I asked for microblading and my brows look like crisp hair strokes instead of filled in/powder brows I see in pictures, why is that?

  • There are different “permanent makeup” brow techniques. 3 of the most common are:
  • Microblading –result is that of crisp hair strokes
  • Microshading/Microshaded brows –results are shaded in areas throughout the brow. Shading placement depends on desired look.
  • Ombré Brows—results look like a the “powder brow” done with makeup that fades from light to dark, giving an ombré effect.

*Please let our technician know if you are allergic to citrus, among other things.