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Kansas City Mink Eyelash Extensions (Strip Eyelashes)

Strip Lashes

Time Duration : 10-15 minutes$12 & up
  • This service consists of one pair of strip lashes applied on client.
  • Recommended for short term wear. (day of event)
  • Client can choose between Human Hair or Mink Hair Strip Lashes
  • Entire strip lash is applied to lash line and can be custom fit if needed.
  • Last approximately 1-3 days.

*You can bring in your own lashes or use ones that are provided. (pricing remains the same)

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The Strip Lashes are the quickest, and least maintenance lash service of them all.

They are best fit for very short term wear, approximately 1-3 days. Strip lashes hold true to their name, they come already attached to a strip that will be applied to the lash line in order to achieve a more enhanced look. The Strip Lashe service takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

*Beauté Finish reserves the right to verify appointment history and will apply fees accordingly.

All services require a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT (remaining balance is due at the time of service)

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