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Eyelash Extensions FAQs

Beauté Finish Frequently asked questions

What are eyelash extensions?

  • Eyelash extensions are a procedure that adds length, fullness or both to your natural lashes using a one-by-one application. Eyelash extension services vary between 3 different methods:
    • Classic Lashes- one eyelash extension applied to one natural lash
    • Volume Lashes– 3-8 classic lashes applied in a fan shape, to one natural lash (creating a voluminous look)
    • Hybrid Lashes– a mix of both the classic and volume technique.

Eyelash extensions can give a natural everyday look, extremely dramatic look, or anything in between.

What is the process for getting eyelash extensions?

  • The Classic Lash extension appointment takes no more than 2-2.5 hours. Depending on the technician speed.
  • Once the appointment is booked, client is asked to come to the appointment with clean natural lashes.
  • At the appointment, the stylist and client discuss the desired look and best options to achieve that look.
  • Once consultation is complete, client lays back (oftentimes takes a “lash nap”) and 2 hours later wakes up with lash extension.

How long do eyelash extensions last/when do I need to get a fill?

Due to your eyelash growth cycle, it is recommended that you come in every 2-3 weeks for a fill.

Eyelash Do’s & Don’ts


  • Clean your extensions. Every day If you wear a lot of makeup, every 2-3 days if you don’t.
  • Shower/wash your face/exercise as usual after your initial two days of no water on lashes
  • Swim if you’d like (after your initial two days of no water on lashes”
  • Wear contacts if you choose to.
  • Let your technician know of any eye sensitivities


  • Wear Mascara
  • Neglect cleaning your lashes
  • Get them wet for the first 48 hours
  • Wear oil based makeup products that would touch your eyelash extensions.

What if my eyes are red after the procedure?

Eye pads can sometimes cause redness of the eye. This usually happens due to frequent movement of the eyepad most commonly caused by cheek movement/talking during the service. Monitor redness if it last longer than 2-3 days, or causes excessive pain, please see your physician.

What is the difference between eyelash extensions and cluster lashes?

Cluster lashes are pre-made store bought “clusters” of lashes that are applied along, over, under, or through the natural lash line; they last approximately 2 weeks then need to be removed and re-applied. Lash extensions are applied individually one-by-one to each natural lash; they require a fill every 2-3 weeks to maintain initial look.

Will my natural lashes be damaged?

  • Due to the application process cluster lashes can damage your natural lashes if not removed properly. With proper removal minimal damage is done. With improper removal client can lose more than half of their natural lashes.
  • Eyelash extension that are properly applied do not cause damage to your natural lashes. With the one to one application, natural lashes are free to grow and move just as your natural lashes do.

How do I clean my lash extensions and why is it important?

  • Eyelash extensions should be cleaned using your technician recommended cleaning solution and a makeup brush.
  • When cleaning your extensions keep in mind the purpose it to keep the lash line free of bacteria and build up, so make sure you are cleaning the lash line and not just the lashes.
  • Cleaning your extensions is important to keep bacteria and debris from causing infections in your eye.