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Our Amazing Eyelash & Eyebrow Services

Strip Lashes

The Strip Lashes are the quickest, and least maintenance lash service of them all. They are best fit for very short term wear, approximately 1-3 days. Strip lashes hold true to their name, they come already attached to a strip that will be applied to the lash line in order to achieve a more enhanced look. Clients may choose between Human Hair and Mink hair strip lashes.

Sudden Lashes

The Sudden Lashes (also known as cluster lashes) are the in-between stage; you get a longer lasting look than the strip lashes without the maintenance of Solo Lash Extensions. These lashes are applied separately rather than all together on a strip. They are placed alongside one another on the lash line to give an enhanced look. Sudden Lashes last up to 2 weeks.

Solo Lashes

The Solo Eyelash Extensions are the most natural, flexible, luxury lashes of the 4. These lashes require consistent maintenance for the desired look, but are easiest on the eyes (compared to Sudden Lashes). Solo Eyelash Extensions are applied to a single lash strand one by one, giving them the flexibility of natural lashes and the length of extensions. Solo Eyelash Extensions can last a lifetime but MUST BE maintained (filled) every 2-4 weeks.

Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading is a Semi-Permanent to Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo For Eyebrows.
During the procedure a hand held tool or machine tool is used to create fine hair like strokes in the epidermis. Microblading requires a follow up detailing session 6-8 weeks after initial session for finished look. Once healed, Microblading can last 12-24 months depending on skin type, and care.

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